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Irish Heart Foundation: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

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The ACLS Course is designed for healthcare providers who either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a patient whether in or out of hospital. ACLS is based on simulated clinical scenarios that encourage active, hands on participation through learning stations where students will practice essential skills individually, as part of a team, and as team leader.

Realistic simulations reinforce the following key concepts: proficiency in basic life support care; recognising and initiating early management of peri arrest conditions; managing cardiac arrest; identifying and treating ischemic chest pain and acute coronary syndromes; recognising other life threatening clinical situations (such as stroke) and providing initial care; ACLS algorithms; and effective resuscitation team dynamics. The ACLS course is available in a number of different formats, see details below:


The ACLS Provider Course is a two day course and upon successful completion of the course candidates receive an Irish Heart Foundation / American Heart Association ACLS Provider Card. It is a requisite that all students attending an ACLS Provider Course must have current BLS for Healthcare Provider Certification.


This course has been designed for individuals that have current ACLS Provider Certification that is due to lapse soon and wish to renew their certification. The recommended renewal period for all ACLS courses is two years. It is a requisite that all students attending an ACLS Recertification Course must have current BLS for Healthcare Provider Certification.

The ACLS Recertification Course is a one day course and upon successful completion of the course candidates receive an Irish Heart Foundation / American Heart Association ACLS Provider Card.


The Heartcode ACLS Course is an interactive, self directed, comprehensive e-learning programme using the Heartcode ACLS Interactive CD Rom. The programme is delivered using realistic patient scenarios for the ten core ACLS cases. The course provides an alternative to traditional, classroom based training and students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace with instant feedback and debriefing.

The Heartcode ACLS Course consists of three separate elements. Part one consists of successfully completing interactive cognitive skills including patient scenarios using an interactive CD Rom. While interacting with the programme, students assess each patient, formulate a treatment plan based on ACLS guidelines and provide treatment. Parts two allows for skills practice in groups in a classroom. This is followed by part three which is the completion of skills assessments where both CPR/AED and megacode skills assessments are completed.

This course can be completed by candidates regardless if they have completed an ACLS Provider Course before or not however it may be more suitable for those who have experience or are working in the emergency or critical care areas. Those without this experience or who haven’t completed an ACLS Provider Course previously may find the standard two-day ACLS Provider Course more suitable.

As with any of the ACLS Provider Courses it is a requisite that all students must have current BLS for Healthcare Provider Certification. Please be aware that the Heartcode ACLS CD Rom is not MAC compatible. Upon successful completion of the course candidates receive an Irish Heart Foundation / American Heart Association ACLS Provider Card.


The aim of the ACLS EP Course is to expand ACLS knowledge beyond the standard primary and secondary survey and to give the learner a systematic approach towards identifying and treating underlying causes of cardiac arrest. The ACLS EP Course expands on the core ACLS Provider Course and covers cardiac arrest prevention and other life threatening emergencies. Topics covered include electrolyte imbalances, environmental emergencies and toxicology. The course also provides a deeper knowledge for understanding and treating ACS patients.

It is an excellent course for developing the skills and knowledge of Critical Care Nurses, Registrars and any individual expected to lead in a cardiac arrest of other life threatening scenario. It is also useful for seasoned ACLS Providers who wish to renew their provider status.

The ACLS EP course presumes a good level of knowledge and a clinical background involving resuscitation and covers a number of advanced skills and topics. The formal assessments are CPR/AED, megacode and ACLS MCQ. The learning stations within the course are exactly that, learning stations and candidate input is sought and valued. The ACLS EP Course is a one day course and upon successful completion of the course candidates receive an Irish Heart Foundation / American Heart Association ACLS EP Provider Card.


Booking For Groups/Companies:
Just contact us and we will arrange an Instructor for your own location. All we need is a room suitable for the group size. This course is also available for bookings on weekends. This course can also be run for your group at our training centre in Terenure, Dublin. This course can be tailored for your group/company own needs.

Booking For Individuals:
This course is available as an open course for individuals to join, just call us or join our email list for updates of new courses and check our schedule page for details of our next open course.

Need A Course Urgently:
If you require this course urgently for work or safety audit, we can arrange this course at any time and in any location. This is possible even if it's just for one person. Just contact us for a quote.

Equality, Access, Transfer and Progression:
Places on the course are provided on a first come basis. If a course is full additional courses may be scheduled if there is adequate demand. Safety Ireland will at all times ensure equality in our service provision. We therefore ask any learner that has specific learning requirements to contact our office on 01-44 22 999 or at the time of booking the training and we will ensure that all possible measures are taken to meet requirements. English is the language that the training is provided in and participants must have a good understanding of the English language.  If participants prefer they are welcome to bring along an interpreter; however prior notice must be given to Safety Ireland First Response.


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